Playground Training For The Kids

Following the recent post about playground workouts, it is worth noting that playgrounds are intended for children. While it is certainly fun to exercise at the playground, your workout should never come at the expense of a child. Personally, if I am exercising at the playground, I do so because I am playing with my kids. I’m fortunate to live within walking distance to their school so we regularly visit the playground.

My children enjoy seeing me perform various exercises from the bars and naturally do their best to follow along. If it was up to them, we’d stay at the playground until the sun went down. They can’t get enough of it. And their eagerness to play on the bars seems to be quite common amongst children their age.

As parents, it is important that we provide an avenue for children to pursue physically demanding interests. For example, my kids don’t know anything about video games. They haven’t been exposed to them. They’ll take playing on the playground over sitting in front of the television every time. And while that may sound unusual, I believe it would be the norm if more kids had more opportunities to get outside and play.

As for potential, the sky truly is the limit. Take a look at the young girl below for a prime example (see link). Her abilities are quite impressive but wouldn’t be as uncommon if more kids spent more time outside on the bars. When a child is challenged with an activity that he or she enjoys, it is only a matter of time before they improve. Playing on the playground is a perfect example of a potentially challenging activity that is also enjoyable.

Playground Training Display

As parents, we should not only foster such activities, but also learn from them. Your own workout will often be much more effective when you perform activities that are fun. Yes, it is important to work hard, but also attempt some challenging movements that you enjoy. You’ll be much more eager to progress with activities that are fun to perform. Using myself as an example, I work as hard as anyone in the gym, but I also consider myself a big kid. I am always looking for ways to add some excitement and enjoyment to the daily grind.


“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw

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  1. Nice post, Ross. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day soon you’re posting a video of your son doing muscle-ups.

    Damn that girl is strong on the bar!

    By the way, is the front lever a piece of cake for you?

  2. After yesterday’s post I was inspired to go to the park with my three young children after work. What often happens is that one of the other kids at the park (usually an older boy) will watch me doing something and then say “not bad, but can you do this…” and then a CHALLENGE develops. Yesterday is was doing monkey-bars backwards. Then a 6 year old girl challenged me to a who-can-hang-by-one-arm-the-longest challenge!
    It’s great fun, and even my 18 month old daughter wants to have a go.
    But thinking about it, I’m the only dad who gets on the climbing frame and plays alongside their kids. The other parents either sit and watch, or assist their kids in some way.
    I think that if you are at the park with your own kids, and you are being considerate of other children, then it is better if you get on there and play with them, rather than sit there a bit bored just watching them.

  3. 33 pullups!! Fantastic for anyone let alone a young girl. Her 33 pullups is probably more than the average number of pushups performed by males her own age. That vid was impressive.

  4. Great idea to get your kids doing workouts while they’re still young. Of course they won’t see it as such, to them it’s playing and fun. There’s a lesson for us adults right there…

  5. The playground is an awesome spot! I love the video of the girl you posted. It would be great if more of our kids would/could do this! Thanks for sharing a great post.

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