11 Year Old Inspiration

There’s no denying that the world has changed dramatically over the last few decades. More and more kids seem to be less and less active. Children still want to have fun, but their primary source of entertainment has shifted from outdoor play to indoor video games.

As a child, I grew up outside. You couldn’t get us to stay inside. And while I promote a similar lifestyle with my kids, doing so seems to be a rarity. When we go to the playground, we usually have full run of the entire playscape. It’s unusual to see more than a few families, and we typically see the same people each week.

Perhaps we just need to let more kids know how fun it is to play outside. As parents, the best way to do so is by leading from the front. As for potential, the video below speaks for itself. The 11 year old seen within has only been performing such work for a year. It hasn’t taken him long to progress and he’s obviously enjoying himself.

Encourage your kids to get up, get outside, and move. Life is so much more enjoyable when you do.


“Fences are made for those who cannot fly.” – Elbert Hubbard

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  1. This is amazing, just what I love to see, start young and the sky is the limit. The Chin holds are insane. Thumbs up (wish I started this young)

  2. I was lucky enough to grow up in the Seventies when the fitness craze was in its infant stages. Jim Fixx’s “The Complete Book of Running” was a best seller, the movie “Pumping Iron” and Arnold helped people realize that lifting weights could be beneficial to everyone and destroyed many negative false stereotypes associated with weight training. I’m sure the movie “Rocky” had a great deal with inspiring many people to exercise in the Seventies too. Of course growing up in the Seventies and previous decades, kids often played various sports whether they practiced a workout routine or not, not to mention that as kids we would walk or ride bikes to school. You would often play whatever sport was in season whether you were in an organized league or not. I cringe when I think of playing tackle football with no pads, helmet or any kind of protection, now. Besides playing baseball, football, and/or basketball, a lot of times kids would play raquetball, tennis, or what have you. We didn’t have the internet, fancy cellphones, 300 useless, unentertaining television channels and you had to actually get up to change channels.

  3. Wow, truly inspirational. As a middle school teacher, I would like to see more of this from our young people. Perhaps the PE teachers should show this video periodically and then have their students do some real physical activity. Additionally, parents need to get off of their butts.
    One of my favorite quotes to the students in my classes is: “Get your but out of the way, although sometimes two t’s are applicable”-Jody Victor. Kids today make up countless excuses for every little thing. Perhaps viewing a video such as this will positively effect a few.

    Ross, keep the great stuff coming.

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