Never Leave The Playground – Part 2

Below is an interview of 72 year old Stephen Jepson. Some may recall seeing him last year when this video was making its way around the web.

In his most recent video (as with the original), Stephen demonstrates a variety of low-tech tools and exercises designed to improve attributes such as balance, stability, and coordination. It’s worth a look regardless of age. Stephen may market his material towards the elderly, but even young athletes could benefit from improved coordination.

As you’ll see within each of his videos, you do not need anything fancy in terms of equipment. You can pick up several ideas just from watching his Youtube clips. And for those interested, I too am a big fan of coordination training. I posted a related video last year (see here).


“Nature takes away any faculty that is not used.” – William R. Inge

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  1. What energy this guys has. Never leave the playground, great concept to stay young, be healthy in mind and body. However, not sure I’ll be rolling billiard balls in my hands while driving or juggling on a 30 foot ladder 🙂

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