Mike Barwis Speaks About Brock Mealer

Brock Mealer walks again
Brock Mealer walks again

It’s been a few years since I mentioned Brock Mealer on this blog. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, you may wish to familiarize yourself with the first video below. I originally posted it in early 2011. Upon watching it again, I’m just as inspired as I was when I first saw it.

Fortunately, Brock is still doing well. A more recent video about his story can be found next. You’ll see Mike Barwis discuss his involvement in preparing Brock to walk again. I literally had chills towards the end of the video. If Brock Mealer doesn’t inspire you, consider checking yourself for a heart beat.

As I’ve said many times before, it is important to decide for yourself what you’ll attempt in life. Don’t allow the pessimistic opinions that exist within others to dissuade you. There will always be someone who believes your goals are too ambitious. Fortunately, such beliefs are nothing more than opinions. There are plenty of educated professionals who didn’t think Brock would ever walk again. Imagine if he listened to them. Where would he be now?

I’m glad that we don’t need to answer that question. Brock made a decision to walk and never looked back. Failure wasn’t an option. No matter how many times he fell, he always clawed his way back to his feet to continue moving forward.

Look at him now.

Hats off to Brock for refusing to give up. We can all learn from his example.


“So long as there is breath in me, that long I will persist. For now I know one of the greatest principles on success; if I persist long enough I will win.” – Og Mandino

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  1. As usual, Ross, a terrific post.

    One thing working out has taught me is this: get up everyday, put a smile on your face, visualize who you want to be and work your ass off.

    It’s less important to know where you’re going and more important to put your head down and go SOMEWHERE. The path reveals itself and, more importantly, the changes you need to make start happening.

    It may take years, but if you quit, you’ll regret it forever.

  2. This is truly incredible, sent the link on to share with my friends- it shows what can be done when people don’t accept that goals are unattainable. Thank you, very moving.

  3. Truly inspiring. Thanks for posting this, it was just what I needed. After you watch these two videos, you realize that you don’t have any problems.

  4. Wow. Bookmarked. This is one of my new favorite entries. That Mike Barwis “Meet my maker” quote at the end burned into me as he said it and really went to heart as not one, but two former paralyzed men walked out. Absolutely incredible. %1…hardwork says bull****

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