New Interview With LiveFitter

Below is a link to a new interview about training and life that was conducted by LiveFitter. I enjoyed answering all of their questions and hope others enjoy the interview.

Thanks again to LiveFitter for featuring me.


“Every day is a gift. That’s why they call it the present.”

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  1. I hate ‘hero worship’, but at the same time certainly believe in credit where it’s due, so … three things:

    1) In a field full of confusion, fads, etc. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a sounder source of fitness knowledge and wisdom (both of which are important, and not the same thing). I guess that’s why I read this blog, watch Ross’s videos, and read Ross’s books.

    2) I marvel at Ross’s work ethic and am shamed by it. I think it is good to be properly chastened. It humbles us. Not a pleasant lesson to learn, but a good one. Over and again that’s the truth for me.

    3) I like the way Ross resists ‘sound bites’. Everyone always wants to pigeonhole or make a list: “favorite this”, “top 5 that”, “biggest such ‘n such”. When Ross does not feel there is one single true answer, he doesn’t yield and come up with one for the sake of tidy quote or nugget. That’s integrity.

    Note: I just want to say again that it is not that I ‘worship’ the man (as some practically do). I’m not saying he’s infallible, etc. He’s not my ‘guru’. But my admiration in his particular ‘sphere’ is genuine, and (since he doesn’t come across particularly egotistical) I don’t mind acknowledging it. My hope is that it might be a bit of an encouragement to him, which he deserves.

  2. Mr. Ross-

    That second photo in the red shirt looks like a booking photo of a guy I just took. Luckily it wasn’t you though. This guy was a wuss.

    Thanks for the daily inspiration! Leading by example everyday

  3. Ross- very sorry to read that you lost your friend. Having read that he left behind his family, are they taken care of financially? It’s heart breaking to think of that situation. If they could use help, what can we do? I’d be willing to donate to a fund for them if needed. Let me know as I’m sure many others would step up also!

  4. I love the comment ‘every day is a gift – that is why they call it the present . That will continue to inspire me and keep motivation high and not let me waste time.

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