Chin-ups At 84 Years Old

Below is a video that I came across on Facebook last week (see here). What you’ll see within is an 84 year old man repping out chin-ups like a champ. I had not seen the video on Youtube until today and thought it was worthy of a share.

If you haven’t seen it yet, it will take just a minute to rid yourself of any age-related training excuse. This elderly man is more capable on a pull-up bar than the majority of our population. Just watching him makes me want to knock off a few sets.



“Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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  1. What a role model! Excellent! His face during the exercise shows exertion and determination are well quite habitual to this man.

  2. Psst. Those weren’t even REAL pull-ups. Those were like half-pull-ups. His form sucks.

    *end sarcasm*

    In all actuality that’s amazing. With any luck, I’ll be half as strong at that age.

    Thanks for the share.

  3. @Joe,

    I can just imagine those type of comments on YT. At 84 years old I hope to be at least walking if nothing else for exercise. To be honest even though I’m in pretty good shape for a 51 year old I don’t see myself performing pullups 30-years from now. Maybe some slow laps in a pool, some walking, and easy calisthenics and light dumbbells, but pullups. Even now I have to curtail some of my enthusiasm for training “heavy” because of the havoc it plays on my joints.

  4. Fantastic, i love people like this.Im 51 yrs young, i still take part in the annual men’s 10k in Glasgow.Im also hoping to restart martial Arts training again soon. As long as my legs and joints can take it, il give it a go. I work with a chap who is 8yrs older than i am whose daily motto is he’s to old for this or to old for that. I reckon he should have been given a coffin for his 40th birthday and he could lay in it and wait for Death to come a calling.He cant understand why i want to take part in anything connected to exercise. I used to try and explain to him that i do it because i can. But his answer is that im scared to grow old. Ive told him about all these 70s, 80 yr olds who are still enjoying life but no he just cant seem to register it.A well, so now i dont discuss anything like this with him anymore he’s too set in his ways and to me personally its NEGATIVITY that i can do without..oh yeah and he’s very overweight.??? Take Care, Live Long..

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