A Reason To Move

When James Blake Gallion was born, doctors informed his parents that he may never walk. Fortunately, they were wrong, but not just about walking. James set much higher expectations for himself. The story of his journey into the world of parkour is detailed in the inspiring video below. To see what he’s accomplished despite living his life with cerebral palsy is simply incredible.

James is a true testament to the power of perseverance and determination.


“The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground.”

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  1. Ross – This video was amazing. James (Rooster) is amazing. I just hate that people (such as myself) find reasons why we cant “achieve” goals. Yet, people like Rooster prove that anything is possible if you put your mind and body to work. Thanks for the link. I’m glad I watched.

  2. Very inspiring: coaches attitude and readiness to help, his determination and great improvement. Also I find it very interesting how one can change perspective (both the mother and the son): from beeig helpless and out of control to leading by example. Little knowledge and gentle push applied perfectly where it was needed.

  3. Truely motivational and insirational… When I’m less than motivated, I often think about a quote of Pre.. to not give it your best is to waste the gift. We all have so much and it’s so easy to take those blessings for granted. It’s so fantastic to see someone who is MORE challenged and still sucking the marrow out of life. Still working and getting all that they can from everything. It’s the figth not the result that we all remember. It’s nice to win but it’s more important to continue on working when you do not win and keep on going. Wins and losses are only brief moments in the journey filled with both.
    Great Video.
    Thanks to both Rooster and Ross for posting this… as well as for the courage of Rooster’s mother and the dedication and caring and open mind of his teachers.

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