Inspiration From Gwen van Rosmalen

At just 32 years old, Gwen van Rosmalen has endured more than most will face in a lifetime. She was only 28 years old when she first suffered a stroke. Tragedy then struck again a few months later. In what was supposed to be her last physical therapy session for the stroke, she was involved in an accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down.

Fortunately, the former runner refused to succumb to her tragic circumstances. It did not take her long to find a new passion for life. In the video below, she tells her incredibly inspiring story.


“Life can almost always be worse and we can almost always do more.”

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  1. So inspiring, Gwen is the epitome of never giving up no matter what your situation is. Also puts into perspective the trivial matters we often complain about. Thanks for this.

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