Felipe Costa On Never Giving Up

BJJ World Champion Felipe Costa is similar to many athletes in that he overcame adversity before rising to the top. The adversity that he faced however is not what you may expect. Early in his career, Felipe had to overcome repeated failures. He wasn’t a prodigy who dominated the competition from day one. Instead, he was demoralized after continually losing.

Many in Felipe’s position would have given up on the sport. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he had people around him who thought he should quit. The critics love to chime in and offer advice when a man is down. It is their chance to get you to quit and join them as failures.

Fortunately, Felipe wasn’t about to give up. He worked hard to find new ways to improve and succeed. In the video below, he shares insight regarding his early struggles and some of the steps that he took to advance. Much of what he discusses will be applicable to fighters from all styles. The video is well worth a look for anyone involved in combat sports.


“If at first you do succeed, try something harder.”

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  1. Thanks for posting Ross. Felipe is motivating beyond words. He is someone who has helped motivate me to compete in bjj and improve in life in general. He is a class act and its great you posted this.

  2. That’s inspirational, thanks for sharing!

    He has indeed got what every other great achiever has, and he has my greatest admiration for that! I’m sure a biography, or autobiography would be a great and motivational read 🙂

  3. i like listening to him very down to earth. i like his words that the mind always wants you to take the easy path. it reminds me of lance armstrong i believe he said something similar like everyday is a fight against giving up.

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