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Below is a rare documentary from the early 1980’s that includes footage of Mike Tyson, Teddy Atlas, Cus D’Amato, and more.

When a legend like Cus D’Amato speaks about the sweet science and the psychological aspects involved, the best thing you can do is listen and learn. Cus shares loads of wisdom throughout the film. You will also see a young Teddy Atlas working with Tyson in his early days. As you will see, physical prowess is only part of the equation. The mind must be developed as well.

Those familiar with this blog may recognize certain scenes from the film. Many popular Youtube videos contain footage from this original documentary. For example, the following hand speed display from a young Tyson comes from this film.

Anyone with any interest or involvement in the sport of boxing should take the time to watch this classic documentary.


“I tell them the first time they’re going to fight, the night before they probably won’t sleep. I can’t offer them any consolation other than the fact that the other guy went through the same thing, and when they get down to the fight and enter the dressing-room, especially if they’re in an amateur fight, the room is full of possible opponents, because they don’t know who they’re going to fight, and everybody looks calm, confident and smiling and all the new boy is aware of is that terrible thump in his chest, and he’s intimidated by their attitude and their confidence. What he doesn’t realize is that they look at him and they see the same thing in him as he sees in them, because by an exercise of discipline he also puts on a superficial appearance of confidence.” – Cus D’Amato

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  1. Thanks Ross for posting this video! As Mike Tyson’s big fan this video was for me “a must see”. One of the most interesting vids out there. I wish I knew a web site where I could find the vido and download it. I have a big collection of Tyson’s fights and videos and this one ,I guess, is in the top three I should have.

  2. Matthew, there is a way you can download that video. Download and install the Firefox web browser onto your computer. Then, install a Firefox Extension Add-on called DownloadHelper. ( With this Add-on, you can download videos from YouTube onto your computer.

  3. Champion fighters are created with a champion team. coaches, sparring partners, etc.
    I appreciate the attention to detail that Teddy espouses to his fighters, and the fine tuning of these fighters.
    Cus and Teddy are like grandpa and father to these kids, the warmth and lessons they pass on, create a tight bond between fighter and trainer.
    Great video.

  4. Thanks again Ross. The small talk that goes on throughout is priceless. The loads of wisdom. Positive words bring positive images which bring about positive results. The raw emotion Tyson showed before his fight and the love and respect he had for Coach Teddy was real. Sorry to see how things spun out of control late in Tyson’s career. Critical to keep your head on straight! Merry Christmas

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