Nick Newell Continues To Inspire

It was around this time last year that I first mentioned Nick Newell on the blog. If you don’t recall the original story, the short version is that he is a professional mixed martial artist who was born with a congenital amputation of his left arm. At this time last year, he had just upped his record to an unbeaten 6-0. That was only the beginning.

In the time since, Nick has continued his winning ways. Just last week he became the XFC lightweight champion. He is now an unbeaten champion with an impressive record of 9-0.

A video compilation of his can be seen below:

His recent championship victory can also be seen:

It goes without saying that Nick has become an inspirational figure. Don’t be surprised at his success however. He certainly isn’t.

In his own words,

“I always kind of knew that I’d make it to the next level and I knew I’d be a serious threat and a serious fighter because that’s what I treat myself as and I don’t settle for anything less. No matter what I achieve, I can do more.”

After seeing Nick in action, I’m not surprised by his success either. I’ve come to expect it. The best don’t become the best by settling for anything. The best always want to become better. Nick’s never settle mentality is something that many can learn from. Becoming successful should not be viewed as an end point. It should be viewed as a beginning.

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  1. That right there…is a true Warrior. Only a Warrior could take something that most people think of a handicap and turn it into a threat to be reckoned with.

    There are no words to describe Nick Newell so I’m just going to bow my head in reverence every time I hear his name. 🙂

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