New Video Tutorial – Slider Exercise Update

Below is a new video tutorial that serves as an update to a previous tutorial. Within the video, I discuss the durability of furniture sliders as an exercise tool, while also demonstrating several exercises. The exercise demonstration begins at approximately 1:31 within the video. You will see exercises for the upper body, lower body, core, and conditioning.


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  1. hi there. thanks for the video. i’m always looking for inexpensive ways to train. i was wondering, what is the material of the mat that you were working on in the video? i’m not much into carpets in the house, so i’m looking for what the sliders could work well on without risking getting scratched up.

    1. @aaem – It’s a strip of carpet. The sliders work best on carpet. Consider getting a small strip that you can roll up and store when not in use.

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