1. After watching your videos, reading your blogs and heeding your advice online for around 4years.. Todayy I finally become a member of your forum, Just as you begin widely-spreading your knowledge on Twitter.

    Look forward to reading your tweets. You shall soon become accustomed to twitter, of that I am sure..
    Most people use it to notify their followers of a New blog they have posted, a New Video.. links to a video or a workout .etc. Maybe a New conditioning DVD.
    Anyway, thought I’d give you a little heads up.

    Catch you later.. off for a 1000Steps/Burpees/Pistols/SlamBall Workout!


  2. Ha! Know the feeling, your presence is duly required though, just to help dilute all the crap that seems to surround the fitness industry.

    Still find myself going back to Infinite Intensity, for training inspiration!


  3. Ross, list YOUR workouts on the page. People are interested in how You train, and You can enlighten folks to different workouts. Thanks!!

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