Dewey Bozella Shares His Story

Those familiar with this blog have likely heard of Dewey Bozella. I have featured him in a few previous entries.

Below is a recent video of Dewey speaking to a group of college athletes in Alabama. I will continue to share his story so people will not forget what he has been through. This man was robbed of the best years of his life.

Dewey Bozella’s ability to remain positive and continually inspire others is a testament to his character. I can’t begin to fathom what it would be like to sit in prison for almost 30 years for a crime that I did not commit. How this man remains so positive is mind boggling. His never give up attitude and relentless desire to fight for what he believes in is something that we could all learn from.

I certainly hope that the continued media exposure will in some way benefit him.


“I knew that I had a choice, and the choice was lay down and die or get up and do something about it .” – Dewey Bozella

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  1. Ross,

    Fantastic stuff, man, fantastic stuff. I have drawn more inspiration from you blog that from any other source the past month.

    You’re a gift from Heaven. Keep up with the great stuff.

  2. Ross, whether he benefits from the media exposure or not, im sure he would have been renumerated for the time spent inside. Of course no amount of money would have made it worth while. Except perhaps a very very large sum.

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