1. Another Ross product for the library…

    Is it me or is the anticipation and preview of his products get you just as amped as the products themselves, ha!

    Ill be ordering first thing in morning of release date

  2. WOW! I am in on this for sure. Looks like great information as usual.
    THANKS Ross for producing HIGH quality stuff for pennies over and over again!


  3. I made a sandbag using rubber mulch on Ross’ recommendation, works great. Looking forward to owning this DVD and ebook. I bought Infinite Intensity about a month ago and it’s a great product.

  4. Will the video be available as a streaming or downloadable file? I am super interested in this material but I don’t currently have a working DVD player…

  5. @Paul – Yes, there is a download link provided at the time of purchase. I could certainly email the file if you prefer however. Whatever works for you is fine.


  6. Trailer looked great. I’ve purchased your book “Infinite Intensity” a couple years ago and was very pleased. Was wondering if you ever thought about doing a video/book on pushup, dip, & pullup/chinup variations and a maybe another on bodyweight squats & lunge variations. There are probably at least a 50-100 variations of the pushup exercise alone out there and also numerous takes on the standard bodyweight squat. I know strongman Bud Jeffries has a couple of vids on pushups & bodyweight squat variations but his prices are slightly below a Matt Furey product, and your prices are extremely reasonable, and a much better overall product.

  7. @Eric – I haven’t really thought about it, but perhaps in the future, or at least through some Youtube tutorials. Thanks for the ideas.

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