Simple Drills For Coordination Development

Below is a new video tutorial where I demonstrate a few simple drills that can be performed to develop attributes such as hand-eye coordination.


“One day of practice is like one day of clean living. It doesn’t do you any good.” – Abe Lemmons

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  1. Ross – I was very impressed with your ball skills. These drills will really help my beginning tennis students. So many kids these days just don’t develop ball game skills, many can’t even throw a ball properly.

  2. Great video! Excellent tips on an often neglected aspect of fitness. Unless you’re a competitve athlete most people put little thought or time into improving things like eye and hand coordination, working their non-dominant side, agility, etc. After working on cardio, strength and flexibility most people don’t think about using these type of drills. Many of the old-time fighters and wrestlers would often play handball as part of their training routine.

  3. Interesting video.

    When playing about with these kinds of drills, I am convinced that I can actually feel my brain “tingling”.

  4. cool drills man, i actually have a concrete pillar in my condo that i can do this against, gonna just need to go steal another one more tennis ball from the park, haha.

    i never thought about throwing 2 balls with one hand then catching with both, i really like that one!

  5. Ross, great video. Thanks! It seems like this type of work has huge payoffs for martial arts and, and pretty much any sport. Let us know if you come across any similar drills for the feet to get better at soccer, kicking, etc.

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