Standing Rollouts At Age 60

Below is a video of a man doing 60 rollouts on his 60th birthday. And while I’ve already seen a few Youtube comments questioning the man’s form, there is no denying that rolling the wheel out continuously for five minutes from the standing position requires a tremendous amount of strength and endurance. This man is capable of more at age 60 than plenty of men half his age.


For those interested in progressing from a kneeling to standing rollout, take a look at the video below for one useful option:



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  1. Wow…wish i could do that from my knees! those youtube commentators/critics should read some of the quotes from Ross’s Quotes Compilation Video about critics.

  2. There is also a vid of a 71 year old man doing full standing rollouts on Youtube. Has anyone ever taken a look at the “form” experts that inhabit gyms. Sometimes their criticism has some validity, but more often than not they haven’t a clue about what they’re talking about. As bad as the gym environment is for attracting these know-it-alls, multiply that times a hundred for the clowns who type out their opinions on Youtube, sometimes seriously, or sometimes just using a perfect opportunity to build up their fragile self-esteem throught criticizing others. Most of the critics probably couldn’t do a full straight arm rollout from the kneeling position if they had to, and are probably half this guys age or even younger.

  3. This man is a BEAST!!! Much respect!!! This is my goal for when I’m this age I’m 27 now. I want to be in my 70’s or 80’s still mobile and independent.

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