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Following the release of my latest compilation video, I’ve received many questions about the homemade equipment that was featured within.

For your convenience, I have linked to several of the related tutorials below. As you’ll see, many of the exercises and equipment featured within the compilation have been discussed in previous tutorials.

The links provided below follow the general order of exercises and equipment presented within the compilation video.

Triple Unders – A discussion regarding triple unders with a jump rope.

Handstand Pushup Handles – A tutorial on creating and using an inexpensive pair of handstand pushup handles.

Band Pull-ups – How to use bands for assistance or resistance when performing pull-ups.

Triple Clap Pushups – A triple clap pushup tutorial.

Homemade Dragging Sled – How to create an inexpensive dragging sled.

Homemade Suspension Trainer – How to create an inexpensive suspension trainer.

Homemade Chin-up/Dip Belt – How to create an inexpensive belt for weighted dips and chin-ups.

Slider Exercise Tutorial – How to use inexpensive furniture sliders to perform several challenging movements.

Speed Bag Platform – How to create a speed bag platform within a power rack.

Tractor Tire Workouts – A tutorial on using and finding large tires for your gym.

Standing Rollout Tutorial – A tutorial on how to perform standing ab wheel rollouts.

One Arm Standing Rollouts – A tutorial on how to perform one arm standing rollouts.

T-handle Tutorial – How to create and use an inexpensive T-handle for heavy swings.

Hamstring Exercise Tutorial – How to create and use an inexpensive tool to strengthen the hamstrings.

Isometric Training Device – How to create and use an inexpensive isometric training device.


For more homemade equipment ideas, please refer to the link below:

Homemade Equipment Archives

Additional tutorials can also be found within the following playlist (almost 3 hours of footage currently available):

RossTraining Tutorial Playlist



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  1. Your website has made me in to a better man.
    Thanks for all your instructional video’s and your blogs, words can not express how much they have helped me.

    Keep on pushing the boundaries.

  2. You can actually get a full body workout with those furniture sliders. Even pulling exercises can be done with those sliders. Actually you really don’t even need an abdominal wheel for those “rollout” exercises, a ordinary towel on a slick surface will suffice if you happen to not have an abdominal wheel. For isometric exercises you could easily use door frames, walls, towels, just about anything.

  3. I LOVE your website. It’s mental, this fitness really is 90% mental. And I hate the fact that the fitness industry exploits people who are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. I love your website because you provide alternatives so that people can stick mix things up without spending half a paycheck on exercise equipment. 🙂

  4. You literally don’t have to spend a dime to obtain an elite fitness level when you have your own body and nature at your disposal. Thanks to people like Ross, and others many have jumped on the “old school” or “dinosaur” style of training. No weights, no problem. Use your own body. There countless bodyweight exercises that you can use that can provide challenges to the complete beginner all the way up to an Olympic level athlete. Pushups can range from the beginner mode of wall pushups to feet elevated single-arm/single leg medicine ball pushups that will challenge even experienced fitness enthusiasts. Jump on a tree branch or even a door frame to bang out a set of pullups. Burpees can’t be beat for burning fat, torching metabolism, and giving you endless stamina. You could literally name thousands of bodyweight exercises that can be tailored to suit the completely out of shape to elite level fitness gurus. Walking, running, or sprinting hills can’t be beat for toning legs, and also burning fat. Try jogging up hills backwards and your calves, quads, and glutes will feel it for days. All those weird animal walks like bear crawls, crab walks, alligator or lizard walks, panther walks will give you functional fitness as well as a trim body for absolutely no co$t.

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