Wheel Rollouts For Women

Following my recent compilation video, I’ve received several questions about various exercises and equipment. Such questions are common after any lengthy video is released.

Surprisingly though, I’ve also had several female readers ask whether the exercises demonstrated within the video were feasible for women. My answer to such questions is almost always the same. Whether male or female, you should train according to your ability, with the goal of gradually progressing towards more challenging movements. There are progressions available for just about every exercise. Movements should not be viewed as gender specific.

One example of this belief can be seen below. Within the video, you will see Tara Scott progressing towards a standing rollout. She first performs partial rollouts and then uses a small ramp to extend range of motion.

It’s great to see a woman in her 40’s who continues to challenge herself to achieve new goals.

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“It is a shame for a woman to grow old without ever seeing the strength and beauty her body is capable of.” – Socrates


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  1. That’s so true!!!
    God forbid that happened to me 🙂
    Love your website and your skipping rope techniques. You’re truly inspiring and have been testing your workouts.
    Thanks for the info!

  2. It would also be a shame for a man to grow old without realizing the strength and beauty a womans body is capable of. 🙂

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