Weight Loss The Old Fashioned Way

Neil Burns weighed almost 700 pounds in 2010. He couldn’t walk. He could hardly move. His life was miserable.

Fortunately, Neil woke up one morning and decided it was time for a change. He completely altered his lifestyle. He drastically cut back on food intake and started making healthier choices. He also began exercising regularly. Miraculously (note the sarcasm), his weight began to drop.

The video below tells his story.

As you’ll see within the clip, Neil didn’t follow an elite or overly sophisticated exercise and diet plan. He pushed himself in the gym and was consistent with his diet. There isn’t anything fancy about what he did, yet he still lost over 300 pounds.

So much can be taken from his drastic turnaround. He’s yet another example that almost anything works if you are willing to work. The specifics often matter less than the effort put forth by the individual. Weight loss isn’t nearly as complicated as many would like us to believe.

Commit yourself to change, hold yourself accountable, and keep showing up ready to work. If something isn’t working, make a change and/or work harder. Don’t get lost in complexity. Simple solutions do exist and work as well as anything.


“Many an opportunity is lost because a man is out looking for four-leaf clovers.”

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  1. If you burn more calories than you consume you will lose weight. That’s it no matter how complicated someone wants to make it that formula isn’t going to change. Now of course we know that someone might aquire more muscle by exercising and muscle does weigh more than fat so it is possible for a person who isn’t overly obese to actually become fitter and not lose weight or even gain some poundage in the form of lean muscle mass.

  2. “If something isn’t working, make a change and/or work harder. Don’t get lost in complexity. Simple solutions do exist and work as well as anything”.

    Yes! This applies to so many endeavours we pursue. We, humans, have a knack for making what is simple totally complex.

    Losing fat and gaining muscle is really not that hard, well at least not in theory. We simple make the process seem more difficult than it is.

    I have tried too many diet and exercise books to list. The ones I recommend are the ones that simplify things. Life is not meant to be difficult. We just make it so.

  3. Crazy story! We have a guy at my studio now that our scale couldnt even pick up his weight. He was maxed out! He is down over 50lbs and using our house scale now wich was a BIG accomplishment. These stories are always great to hear!

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