Cuban Punch Up – The Boys who fought for Castro

Although I’ve posted a similar documentary before, I believe many will enjoy the following film as well. The embedded player below contains an hour long documentary that is dedicated to the Cuban amateur boxing system.

The film follows the stories of three young Cuban hopefuls as they prepare for the Cuban National Boxing Championships. Any fan of the sport should find the documentary interesting, moving, and enjoyable.


“He who is outside his door has the hardest part of his journey behind him.” – Dutch Proverb

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  1. Cutting weight or harsh diet restrictions seem a little over the top for kids this young regardless of the goal or prize involved. I remember being that age and playing whatever sport was in season. In fall/winter we played football, in spring/summer we played baseball etc. Of course with individual sports like wrestling or boxing there is more physical preparation involved than say working out some winter kinks in the batting cage for baseball season. I’ve read that former heavyweight contender Jerry Quarry’s father started instructing Jerry and his older brother Jimmy on how to box when Jerry was a three year old and his brother Jimmy was only a year older at four. By the ripe old age of ten years old, Jerry was a veteran and winning the Junior Golden Gloves tournament four years in a row, 1955-1958. Another early starter was 80’s junior middleweight contender Tony Ayala who started boxing like Jerry when he wasn’t that far removed from diapers. Ayala couldn’t control his personal life outside of boxing and was convicted of rape and blew a big money bout against Roberto Duran and a possible world title bout.

    The Cubans like the former Eastern Bloc communist countries of Europe were REALLY professional fighters compared to many Americans and other countries athletes. Where as American fighters would often have to work their training around jobs, families, etc., the Cuban or Soviet fighters whole lives were centered around boxing. The Cubans and Soviets almost literally ate, drank, and slept boxing or whatever sport they competed in.

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