1. Nice strong form on those HSP. I’ve watched that particular Karl Gotch video on Youtube, excellent video by the way. You suggested adding weights in the form of a weighted vest for progressing in HSP, you could also do the HSP without the aid of a wall. Incidently, I don’t think anyone has ever officially done an unassisted free standing one-arm handstand pushup, so I don’t think it’s possible to “outgrow” this exercise. Famed boxer and knockout king Archie Moore stated that he felt he gained a good deal of his punching power from walking on his hands. Excellent workout for the entire upper body is supersetting HSP and Pullups. Hard to believe someone the size of Paul Anderson was capable of performing this exercise, Mr.Anderson’s strength was certainly legendary. I’ve heard Anderson even performed “pistols” albeit on a table because his bulk made it difficult to hold his leg straight out, so he let the non-working leg hang freely. I’ve also heard that another olympic weightlifting great Vasily Alexeev could perform numerous bodyweight pullups despite his great bulk.

  2. Speaking from my own experience, working with a freestanding variation is more of a display of balance. The focus shifts entirely towards strength when using a heavier weighted vest. You can/should also minimize contact with the wall. Using shoes instead of socks will help in this regard. Socks will glide, shoes will not (there is minimal contact).

    On a somewhat related note, there was a hand balancer on the forum a few years ago who walked on his hands and did several impressive hand-balancing feats, yet he struggled with many basic strength movements. His balance was extremely impressive, but he was still lacking in several areas. I believe he even struggled with basic clap pushups which came as quite a surprise.

  3. Balance definitely comes into play when performing the FSHSP and if your goal is more strength oriented I could see where the assisted wall version would allow for a heavier weight load for increasing strength. Performing the HSP on rings or medicine balls will also test one’s balance and stability while providing another advanced form of this extremely productive exercise. Another former olympic weightlifter who was a prodigious handstand presser and hand balancer was Candadian Doug Hepburn. Like Anderson, Hepbern was a hefty 300-pounder so this made his strength and skill in handstand pressing/balancing all the more impressive. American weightlifter John Davis was also very strong on handstand pressing, since Anderson, Davis, and Hepbrn competed when the Press was an official lift in olympic weightlifting, I’m sure all three men devoted considerable amount of time in performing HSPs to aid in their performance of the Press.

  4. @Boxing Training – Did you watch the video? There is a significant difference in range of motion when performed from the floor vs. elevated handles

  5. Really nice tutorial (as usual). Suppose you could’ve given the length of the pipe between the connectors (but no biggie). I’m guessing the space between the 4×4’s must be 4 to 4 1/2″. I’d like to build me a couple. Would seem to be the ultimate supports for elevated push-ups as well, which you did just mention, and I saw you doing in one of your compilation vids (using a tire for the feet, I think).

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