MMA and Boxing Motivation

I won’t waste time with a long introduction to the video below. In summary, if you are a fighter or fan of combat sports, this clip should get the blood flowing…


“Action is the last resource of those who know not how to dream.” – Oscar Wilde

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  1. Nice video. Without a doubt fighters whether wrestlers, boxers, or mixed martial artists are the best conditioned athletes in the world when properly trained. Two top notched heavyweights, Marciano and Tunney were said to be fanatics on staying in-shape whether in-training or not, and between the two they only lost one professional fight.

  2. Like everything else on Ross Training, very useful. Having been around boxing since the age of 6, and having been a coach for 15 years now, it’s easy for the conditioning side of your coaching to become a little stilted. There are so many options available here that I can bring into the gym to enhance the work outs. This will give the boxers the best possible chance of maintaining technical excellence for the duration of the bout. Great work Ross, thanks.

  3. Another inspirational vid on youtube is that of a leg workout performed by kickboxer Alain Ngalani, or any workout performed by this athlete.

  4. Great post! Truly inspirational. If you’re looking for some epic old school muay thai training, look up the fighter Buakaw Por Pramuk. Present day fighter, using old school bloodsport training. I mean kicking down bamboo trees old school.

  5. Great video!

    I completely agree with Matt. Buakaw Por Pramuk has some great inspirational videos in youtube.

    I also shared a really good youtube video in my website, truly inspiring, this one is more focused on MMA fighters, keep an eye on it, you will enjoy!

    Thanks for sharing!

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