Homemade Equipment Based Gym

Below is a video that was recently passed along to me. Within the clip, you’ll see a gym that is based almost entirely on homemade equipment. Such low-tech gyms are not all that unusual among combat athletes. Several examples have been featured on this blog before (ex. here and here).

As you can see, the possibilities are literally endless. And while such an environment isn’t for everyone, the same can be said of those fancy gyms that don’t allow members to grunt or deadlift. Ultimately, you must find a place that suits your interests, needs, and budget.

Regardless of your preference, do realize that low-tech gyms (including home based) can be quite effective.


For more homemade equipment ideas, please refer to the link below:

Homemade Exercise Equipment Archives

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  1. ross,

    your books (and website) are THE reason that i have a home gym. and the convenience of having one is the only way (time-wise) that i can get a workout in.

    thanks for sharing bro!

  2. Love it love it love it!
    I’m a little jelouse too!!
    If I had an area like this I would start personal training again.
    People who train in places like this will always be fair dinkum
    about the training without the pretentious BS. As long as the mats are
    clean to roll, it’s awesome.

  3. That makes me wish I had my own gym. You have almost everything there. That’s how you CREATE a gym – not just open a gym. Where I am coaching. now, the owner of the place think of it as a nice office. When I got few sandbags and some training gadgets, he thought I am out of my mind.

  4. The sandbags made of the legs of some jeans are a great idea! Maybe they don’t weight a lot but one jean= two sandbags, good for farmer walks, shouldering, throwing, squats, etc. Plenty of stuff on that vid gives good ideas, thanks for posting!

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