Fighting His Way Out – Roberto Custódio

Below is an inspiring video about amateur boxing prospect Roberto Custódio. This 2012 Olympic hopeful is one of many fighters who has been saved by the Fight For Peace program in Brazil. Without the gym, Roberto would have likely been lured into the violent streets around him where his own father was killed.

A related article about the Fight For Peace project can be round at the link below:

A boxing academy in Rio has helped take violence off the street


In the words of Hall of Fame trainer Ray Arcel,

“Boxing, if it’s done right, takes kids from poor backgrounds at a trouble-prone age, and gives them the belief that they can make something of themselves if they’re disciplined and work hard. You don’t even have to have been a champion or made much money for boxing to have helped. It’s enough that for thousands of kids boxing has instilled a sense of self-respect and averted them from a drug-ridden life of antisocial behavior and crime. The important part of boxing is not that youngsters realize their dreams, but that they can dream. Every day in the gym they’re somebody special.  They’re a fighter.”

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  1. I’m from Rio and lived in the “favela” for a long time and joined one of the sport’s programs for 8 years, and I know by experience how sports can save the life of the young people there.
    There is so many bad examples on the streets, that when someone with good heart offers help and the opportunity to make something good for the people, they catch the opportunity and try to do their best.

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