Finding Time For Exercise

Siphiwe Baleka is a truck driver who works behind the wheel over 300 days a year. His busy and unpredictable schedule does not stop him from exercising however. Earlier this year, Siphiwe won two first place medals at the US Masters Swimming National Championships (results here). He also recently competed in the USA Triathlon National Championships.

In the video below, Siphiwe talks about how he stays in shape (the exercise discussion begins at approximately 3:15). He completely crushes the belief that busy people are too busy for exercise.


“Get busy living, or get busy dying.” – Stephen King

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  1. It’s so frustrating when I hear time and time again how gym members and clients claim that they are to busy to find time to exercise. I always find time, even when I was a full time graphic artist and single dad. Now I am a personal trainer and gym owner…I definitely won’t be making excuses now…LOL

  2. Great story…I just stop listening when a person tells me, “I want to get in shape, but I’m just so busy!” Ain’t hard to find time with a little planning. All this tells me is I’m talking to a person who only achieves when it comes easy.

  3. Great find! Although most of us, including myself, are guilty of using the not enough time excuse at some point, this is a highly inspirational example of how we can always find time to maintain/elevate our healthy lifestyle. With any sort of life change, if we want to be able to progress towards a goal, one must always have a plan of attack. It is only when we approach change half heartedly and blindly is when we get discouraged and find change to be more difficult than it should be. The most difficult part is knowing what we should do to move towards changing and not the actual implementation. Plan, follow the plan, continue to evolve the plan, and remember to keep moving forward.

  4. I work as a Laborer in the construction union in NY & a Father to a ranmpbunchious 3 year old plus I work 50-75 hour weeks but with my homemade equipment find time to workout 5 days a week

  5. Finding time can be challenging at times. But I realize that’s just people’s excuse not to do anything. My wife and I have been doing yoga and swimming, we both feel great and more energy. The time well spent on the fitness stuff. You just need to make a point to do it and be consistent.


  6. I just learned of your website and the link to my interview from Fred Schofeild. After looking through your website I consider it an honor to be included among the examples of achievement and inspiration. There is no excuse for failing to invest in the abundance of life. Today’s totals: 11 miles run, 32 miles bike, 200 miles drive and three deliveries.

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