How bad do you want it?

Below is a short video that has been making its way around the web. It is a motivational clip that uses the background voice from this video.

As for the actual message, it is really quite simple. Don’t tell me how bad you want to succeed. Get up each day and show me. No one will remember you for what you planned to accomplish in life. You will only be remembered for what you actually did.

Hard work may not guarantee anything, but it certainly beats the alternative. Working harder than everyone around you is a surefire way to improve your likelihood for success. You may not be blessed with the natural ability of others, but it is within you to outwork your competitors.

How hard you work and how much you sacrifice is a personal decision. Not everyone is willing to give up as much. The choice is up to you and it is a decision that must be made each day. Deciding today doesn’t guarantee anything tomorrow. You’ve got to be willing to wake up again and repeat the process.


“When I was young, I observed that nine out of ten things I did were failures. So I did ten times more work.” – George Bernard Shaw

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  1. I like the part about wanting to succeed as much as wanting to breath. But the stuff about not eating and sleeping I have to kind of dismiss. I guess they didn’t mean that literally but still shouldn’t you give up almost everything else before giving up food and sleep?

  2. @ James

    I completely agree that food and sleep should be the last thing you give up but I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean that in a literal sense. And I believe he used that example as something to illustrate his point, because sacrificing sleep and food is a symbolic way of indicating how bad you want it because both things are essential yet you’re giving them up. Regarding the whole ‘rest’ theme There’s another example from a book I read about Che Guevara where one of his comrades saw him wheezing and having difficulties managing his asthma and Che was using his rifle as a crutch. And his comrade told him Che maybe you should rest and Che told him, I’ll have enough time to rest when I’m dead.

  3. There is no such thing such as failure/mistake. There are only results.
    If something doesn`t work change your approach simple as that.
    ÃŒt`s up to you to see it as a mistake or not.
    Thomas Esdison, inventor of the lightbulb once made an experiment, causing an explosion (his 999 experiment). His friend totally freaked out, and asked
    him how the hell he could keep going with his unsucessful experiments.
    Thomas instead took out his notebook, made an entry and replied “I am sucessful because I have found 999 ways not to build the lightbulb and it might me useful for the future to know how to make an explosion”. You get my point ? I mean how long do you give an average baby to learn to walk before you finally tell him/her to stop?

  4. Ross this is another gem, thanks for sharing this mate, sometimes these things evade us over here in the UK, so nice one for making us aware. I for one muchly appreciate what you do, please keep doing it.


  5. Hey Ross,

    Thanks to this video, I took out my 2 dollar construction flags and set up an agility course on my lawn. Since I work at home it turned out to be an amazing interval workout!!!

    I call videos like this “functional motivation” because I get motivated AND learn new things watching them.

    Keep posting brother!

  6. Great video. Love the way ET is speaking in the background, also love his other videos on the internet abut achieve your goals and being sucessful. Great post as always Ross, thanks for posting.

  7. thanks for this video, Ive been trying to train and loose weight and to become good in boxing but along the way I always lost motivation and never did my best effort now I know it is not just about dreaming what to do but to do it.
    thank for the post.

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