Death Valley Jack 2010

It has been over a year since I mentioned Jack Denness and his quest to finish a 12th Badwater Ultramarathon. Entering the event, Jack already held the record as the oldest person to ever complete the race. He previously set the record at age 70. Last year, he set out to break his own record by finishing the race at age 75. The three videos below document his struggles to finish the race.

Watching a 75 year old man finish a 135 mile course in temperatures over 120°F is truly incredible. It is even more incredible considering that Jack didn’t begin running until he quit smoking at age 45. All of his recent accomplishments came in the second half of his life after abusing his body for many years. He completely changed his life and has earned over £100,000 for charity.

Hats off to Jack for the inspiration.


“People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don’t know when to quit. Most men succeed because they are determined to.” – George Allen

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  1. Wow! What an inspiration. Jack truly is a machine. I hope to be still moving freely and active as Jack is when I reach 75. Incredible.

  2. People look for comic heroes with some accidentaly given superpowers. Jack (who built his superpower himself) seems much more heroic to me 🙂

  3. It would be great to hear more about what inspired Jack to change his habits at 45 and keep them going for the next 30 years.

    One of the saddest things is to see people who lack purpose or inspiration, who just give up on living because they have nothing to keep them going.

    Jack shows us that we can stay vital and healthy for decades longer than many typically believe or expect. He’s a great role model.

  4. Great video’s I really enjoyed watching them – I agree with Dennis above about the whole loss of inspiration, you should live your life with zest as much as possible.

    I have a love for bodybuilding and everything surrounding it, it keeps me going, I am 34 and trying to keep as healthy as I can. Great Youtube Channel as well.

    I found a great video about a new BodyBuilding App – see the video here:

    Frankie –

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