Inspiration From Baxter Humby

Baxter Humby’s right hand was amputated below the elbow after it became entangled with the umbilical cord at birth.  He’s lived his entire life with one hand.  You would never guess that he’s disabled though after reading through his athletic accomplishments.  Baxter has defied the odds and then some.

Baxter’s athletic career began as a youngster.  He started running at age 11 and eventually ran for the Canadian National Track Team in Barcelona in 1992 and again in Berlin in 1994.  Baxter also began martial arts training at age 17.  He became the Canadian Super Welterweight Kickboxing Champion in 1996.  Shortly after, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a professional fighting career.

In the time since, Baxter has notched up over 80 professional fights in various disciplines.  He’s won multiple world championships.  A few of titles include the IMTC World Super Welterweight Champion, the IMTC World Middleweight Champion, the IKKC USA Kickboxing Champion and the IKBA International Kickboxing Champion.

Baxter continues to fight and also works as a trainer.  Below you will find a brief video of him in action.  The fight doesn’t last long.

In summary, Baxter Humby has accomplished much more than anyone could have guessed when he was born.  It is safe to assume that he had his share of doubters telling him that he couldn’t compete in the sport he loved.  Fortunately, Baxter did not allow a hater or critic to dictate his future.  He was not satisfied listening to what someone else thought he could accomplish.  He had to find out for himself.

There is a lesson to be learned from Baxter’s inspiring example.  No one lives inside your skin but you.  What someone else believes you can accomplish is nothing more than an opinion.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but that doesn’t mean you need to listen.  Personally, I’m like Baxter in that I need to find out for myself.  You’ll never know until you try with everything that you have.  It’s your life so don’t let someone else live it for you.

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  1. Baxter is an awesome guy and an inspiration to be around as much for who he is as for the story. Always a pleasure to train around his practices and interviews but better to drink a beer with and eat bbq at the gym in celebration of a fight win. lose or draw. Thanks for posting this Ross

  2. Baxter’s fighting in a title fight on a card that stars Buakaw and yodashklai(SP) Fairtax on Sept 2 in Long Beach. This is possibly the best card Muay thai has ever had in America

  3. I wish I could have such people like Baxter and like you Ross around me. As you wrote “It’s your life so don’t let someone else live it for you” – I try to do my best!

  4. Hey Ross!
    great post; really inspiring. For those of you who want to see Baxter in action, he will be fighting Vs “Akuma Zidov” at the opening event of the Muay Thai Premier League. September 2nd @ Long Beach (Ca) –

    Cheers from Spain!!

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