Ray Lewis On Training and Simplicity

Many scouts thought Ray Lewis was too small to play linebacker in the NFL when he entered the draft in 1996. Four linebackers had already been picked when the Baltimore Ravens selected Lewis as the 26th overall pick.

Those who passed up on him because of his size are surely kicking themselves now. Ray Lewis is about to enter his 16th season in the NFL. He is without question one of the best defensive players in the history of the sport.

His greatness is not the byproduct of a high-tech routine or facility however. Ray Lewis has always thrived on the basics. His routine has never been fancy, but he’s known around the league as one of the hardest workers on and off the field. He pushes himself to the limit and then some.

Below is a brief video where he speaks about using a deck of cards as one of his original training routines. As has been discussed before, a standard deck of cards can be used to create an endless list of always changing workouts (see here).

The next video shows Ray Lewis on the field.  As you will see, there is no denying his intensity.

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  1. Ray Lewis is a perfect example of a person with strong inner drive. He inspires me with his enthusiasm and professionalism on the field. Great video clips!

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