Triple Clap Pushup Tutorial

Below is a new video tutorial dedicated to the triple clap pushup. Within the video, I discuss how to perform the exercise and demonstrate a few progressions that you can use to achieve the movement. There are also related discussions about the benefits of the exercise and form considerations such as foot placement and bending at the waist.


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  1. Ross,

    Excellent tutorial and another fun pushup variation.

    I’ll have to give it a try. Some bands would be nice to have to keep from face-planting into the ground. (I’ll be trying this on carpet first; that’s for sure.)


  2. Been doing normal clap pushups infront of my chest for ages, never even thought about variations of it, saw a behind the back single clap at the gym the other day tried it and managed it, searched to see if there was anything more difficult, this pushup is insane im definately working towards this

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