T-Handle Exercise Tutorial

Below is a new tutorial about training with a homemade T-handle. The T-handle was discussed previously on the blog back in 2008. The new tutorial addresses many of the questions that have arisen since the original posting.

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  1. What about instead of straight t-handle, creating a square handle at the top with elbows.

    * *
    * *

    This would allow for one-handed swings and would also make goblet squats easier.

  2. I tried to diagram a square handle above using * characters but formatting go screwed up upon submission.
    Hopefully the intent of the message is clear from the wording.

  3. The problem with a square is that it will increase the length of the tool. The current design is already as long as I’d want it. I also use almost all of the available space to add weight. You’ll notice in the introduction that I have six 25 pound plates on the handle. The plates + the collar leave very little room at the top of the 12 inch nipple.

    Changing the handle to a square would add a few more inches, which would alter the mechanics of the swing (unless you were standing on blocks to allow the handle to hang lower).

    As for one arm swings, I’m happy with a d-bell if I want to use one hand.

  4. Just went out and built my own t-handle. I was looking to getting a heavier 70 pound kettlebell for swings which would have cost me over $100. For $15, I have a tool that I can load up as heavy as I want.
    Thanks for the great ideas Ross. Much appreciated.

  5. Ross have you tried band resisted swings? I found them on joe defrancos youtube channel. I was wondering if the t handle could be used with a band like the kettlebell band resisted swings Defranco has his athletes doing.

  6. I made one a tried it and found that I really hate sumo swings back when you first came out with this. That Bud Jeffries is big into these too but I just don’t like it as I would rather do double swings on the outside of my legs. Maybe because I am tall and have really long arms (even for my height) that I have no problem swinging on the outside but I like it so much more. Besides wrestling, I can’t think of any sport where your feet are really wide apart like that. Where as when I swing to the outside ( I use double 75 DBs right now) my feet are about a foot apart which is the exact stance for two of the biggest sports I do downhill skiing and motorcross. So, isn’t what I do, pretty much the same as this?

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