Rohan Murphy – Still Inspiring

It has been over four years since I posted a video about Rohan Murphy (here). As you may recall, Rohan lost his legs at birth, yet began wrestling as a freshman in high school. He refused to be sidelined by his disability and eventually went on to wrestle at Penn State University.

In the time since, Rohan has been quite busy (which should come as no surprise). He now works as a motivational speaker and is training for the 2012 Paralympic Games.

Below is a recent video of him that was emailed to me last week.

For those interested, here is the Nike commercial that he mentions above:

Stories such as Rohan’s are welcome reminders that our own problems are often insignificant when compared to those of others. Whatever we are dealing with could almost always be worse. While many pity their own situations, others such as Rohan keep moving forward despite inconceivable circumstances. It is impossible for an able-bodied person to understand what it would be like to wake up without legs. Rohan knows no other way, yet doesn’t want our pity. He’s too busy working towards his goals and inspiring others along the way.

I’m amazed at the drive and obvious passion that resonates throughout this young man. His ability and desire to keep moving forward is beyond inspirational.


“I accept my disability as a gift.” – Rohan Murphy

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