RIP Nick Charles

Long time sports broadcaster Nick Charles passed away on Saturday after battling bladder cancer since 2009. Charles began as a taxi driver and eventually became one of the most highly regarded broadcasters that our era has known.

Renowned CNN sports broadcaster Nick Charles dies at 64

Although Nick Charles is most recognized for his career at CNN, many boxing fans know him from his more recent work as a ringside commentator. In 2007, he won the Boxing Writer’s Association Broadcaster award. A year later, he won the Sam Taub Award for excellence in boxing broadcasting journalism.

As for his struggle with cancer, I was not aware of his illness until recently. Back in March of this year, HBO granted Nick Charles a wish to work ringside for one last night of fights. It just happens that I was working in the corner for a fighter that night. All it took was a brief glimpse over to him to realize just how sick he was. Here was a man who I had seen on TV for many years who I almost did not recognize.

Upon returning from the fights that weekend, I began following his battle against cancer. Shortly after, I came across the video below. It was filmed a few months before his passing. Within the video, Nick Charles explains his situation and offers useful advice that we can all apply to our own lives. I’ll warn you though, the video is a definite tear-jerker…

Boxing fans may also be interested in the next video. Within the clip, you will see Mike Tyson visiting Nick Charles shortly before his passing.


“Find that little kernel every day that brings you pleasure and joy — and fasten onto that. That’s what’s going to make life worth living. Always look for the best.” – Nick Charles



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  1. Perhaps you can access the videos by browsing through a proxy? I’ll also see if I can find them hosted elsewhere.

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