One Arm Standing Rollouts – Ramp Progression

Below is a new video tutorial that shows how to use a ramp when progressing towards a one arm standing rollout.

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  1. Wow, you are one strong dude! I’ll bet you couldn’t find one in a thousand guys who could do that with two arms let alone one. Amazing. Thanks for the great videos.

  2. Ross,

    Man you are a beast. You make the one arm version look … simple. Awesome!

    I’ve been doing rollouts using EXF Rings. I’m starting on my knees and my shoulders/arms start to give out first. So I still have room to progress.

    My question … how do you think the rings compare to doing these with a wheel? Should I make a wheel?


  3. Thanks guys…

    Troy – I’ve always felt the rings were easier. It takes to initiate the return from bottom to top in my opinion. There tends to be more swing when hanging from rings.

    Both are certainly challenging however.


  4. How about taking your ab wheel out with you when you do your hill sprints?

    You’ve got a ready made ramp of various gradients right there.

  5. Ross,

    I still don’t understand how you can do the rollouts from standing. I’m fine from the knees but as soon as I try to progress to standing I collapse in a heap! I take it it’s just a case of keep on trying??!

  6. @Chris – Standing rollouts are an advanced movement. You first need to become strong from the knees, and then begin working with some of the standing progressions. If you are strong from the knees, there is almost always a point on the ramp that will be doable for you.

    Most who struggle with standing rollouts have not spent enough time working with the necessary progressions. Simply raise your ramp higher. Don’t rush to lower the ramp towards the ground.

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