Francisco “Paco” Rodriguez – Hero

Below is a recent ESPN feature story about the death of Francisco “Paco” Rodriguez. Paco died in 2009 after engaging in a battle with Teon Kennedy for the USBA super bantamweight title.

Following Paco’s tragic death, organ donation helped his uncle and four women receive the gift of life. The video below tells the full story.

As a former fighter and current trainer, this story really hit me hard. I was at a loss for words after watching it. I highly recommend taking the time to watch the video in its entirety. It will certainly help you to appreciate the life you have. So often we take it for granted…

If you are unable to view the video above based on your location, you can use the following links (Part I and Part II)

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  1. I saw this the other night. It is a powerful story. I live in Philly but have never been to the Blue Horizon. So much history just down the road. At least the tragedy for some was able to produce opportunity for others.

  2. I am not capable of watching the video, for some reason the person who uploaded it didn’t make it so that we are capable of watching it here, any other link to the same video from another uploader?

  3. @Dan I had the same problem of watching the original video but click on the part 1 and part 2 links at the bottom of the video, they should enable you to watch the video from youtube.

  4. “I am thoroughly enjoying these inspiring videos you have been posting lately. They have made me change the way I view life, if only a little. If I could even attain a fraction of this man’s compassion, I think I’ll have done alright.”

    WOW. Amazing. Great video, please keep posting these inspirational!

  5. Touching story and video. It is really a shame that more people aren’t organ donors. So many people are against it for whatever reason but this is something that can save many. A tragic loss gave life to others.

  6. Hello Ross,
    Wow! This did hit me hard. Very hard. Perhaps for selfish reasons. I am a 52 year old former martial arts/exercise nut. I am now looking at Liver failure as a real possibility in the next couple of years. More to the story than that, but lets just say the outcomes are not pleasant. I still do a little exercise, as it is tough to go out of this life without a fight. Besides, I would rather die trying to deadlift 300 pounds than laying in bed. I still have not quite accepted that I want a liver transplant, if one even becomes available when I need one. Still a little ways from that day. Have not ruled it out, but not there yet in my own mind. I am now on trial drugs with severe side effects. Did not intend to turn this comment into a pity party for me, just wanted to say “thanks coach”. I cannot do all things I used to do anymore, but your site reminds me of the fire I still have in my soul. Great work!

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