Roy Jones Compilation (Gorilla Productions)

Below is a recent Roy Jones compilation that was created by Gorilla Productions. GP consistently puts together the best boxing videos on Youtube (please note the music is filled with foul language however).

Whether you are a Roy Jones fan or not, it is impossible to dismiss his tremendous athletic ability and talent. Many younger boxing fans do not realize how talented Roy was in his prime. They only remember the more recent version which was really just a shell of his former self.

As a youngster, I vividly remember watching Roy Jones in 1988 as an amateur on the US Olympic team. It was that year’s Olympics that sparked my passion for the sport of boxing. I recorded all of the fights and still have the old VHS tapes. Roy Jones Jr. was the one fighter who stood out to me.

Years later, I was fortunate to visit Roy’s father in Pensacola where he was still training amateur fighters in his driveway. It was the same driveway that Roy trained on as a youngster. It was an amazing experience to talk boxing with Roy Sr. while watching him train his fighters.

Roy’s father has developed 4 world champions from scratch (meaning these fighters started with him). Many trainers today gain credit for working with fighters who are already tremendous athletes. Roy Sr. is the opposite. He has molded multiple world champions at a small home based gym in Pensacola.His knowledge is undeniable.

Roy Jones Jr. is perhaps the greatest example of that…

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  1. Ross, I had the same reaction when I watched him in the ’88 Olympics (he was robbed in the final, of course). I couldn’t see enough of his fights after that. He was a phenomenon in his prime.

  2. There was never a more entertaining boxer than a prime RJJ. I was at the Glencoffe Johnson fight in Memphis. Roy’s plight was one of the hardest for me to endure as fan, and why I’ve since become such a huge advocate of combat athletes retiring on top. Boxing being such an especially unforgiving sport, we’re now forced to tack on “prime” and suffer revisionist historians during P4P and GOAT discussions.

    Had he only retired after the first Tarver fight.

  3. I do not see Roy Jones as among the greatest boxers of all time because he is so unorthodox but I do see him as one of the greatest natural athletes to have boxed. In his prime he was simply on a physical level that no one could match. I thought Toney and Hopkins were better boxers technically but that was not enough.

  4. Always loved RJJ. The losses and the punishment he took at the end of his career just make me sad. He went from superman to invalid.

    All the critics ever focus on is those losses. He was p4p king before that. I hate that in the boxing game, where you gotta risk it all again and again and again to get respect, the critics/haters will always point to one loss, or the losses of the guys that you beat as evidence that you suck.

    RJJ and his story is exactly why Mayweather is so scared to lose.

  5. what kind of prude shuts off a video because he doesn’t like the words in the background music? Childish.

    Great video though, breaks my heart seeing the older washed up Roy. It’s sad that it happens to the greats like that, but everyone has their time.

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