More Inspiration From The Hoyt Family

Dick and Rick Hoyt have been featured on this blog before.  The Hoyt story is so powerful that you could watch their videos every day and they would never get old.

Below is yet another feature on this amazing duo.  As with the others, I found myself at a loss for words after watching this video.  It is thirteen minutes long, but well worth your time.   You’ll be hard pressed to find a story that offers even half the inspiration.

Team Hoyt – HBO Special

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  1. Man is it dusty in here or is it just me?! I think someone must have sprayed mace in my house, eyes won’t stop, uh, watering.

  2. I also cry only when I see these two!!
    Love them……and everytime I see them I know I have to push harder in my training. It’s pathetic to see my friends 25-29 years old sayin’ that they’re too old to train (anything) or they have some minor issues with their health…..
    Ross & Hoyt are my biggest inspirations.

  3. Wow, that one is really inspirational. Rick is definitely motivated by love and is physique is only a result of what he does … no vanity here. He is so well built for the sport he does and looks nothing like a lot of his competitors. How do you think he does it, Ross? I know that when I do a lot of endurance stuff, I lose weight and start to break down like a lot of people. and lose strengh too. Yet, Rick seems to keep his bulk and strength? And what’s even more amazing is that he still has it at such an advanced age. What do you think his secret is?

  4. Rick and Dick Hoyt are truly an inspiration. That said I seriously wonder about some of the wisdom of their continuing to compete at these distances and intensities. Dick Hoyt suffered a heart attack in 2003 (and contrary to some news reports it was not “mild”. He had 3 stents in two arteries and impaired left ventricular function)
    The symptoms he described during the 2010 Boston are extremely worrying:

    Rick and Dick share a special bond, and it would be a tragedy if their time together were cut short by a bullheaded insistence on continuing to race all out despite ominous signs. They would be just as inspiring if the times were slower and distances shorter.

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