High Speed Gliders (Modification)

In previous entries, I’ve shown several exercises that can be performed with a pair of inexpensive furniture glide pads. If you are new to the blog, refer to the links below for related info.

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As you’ll see, these inexpensive gliders are useful, convenient, and challenging. The original gliders that I purchased last April have been used regularly and are still as good as new. I did make one recent adjustment however. I applied a small amount of Rain-X glass treatment to the bottom of the gliders. The result was a much faster glide. Any wax will work and you only need a small amount to notice an immediate difference.

If you are looking to speed up certain exercises, you may find the modification useful. It may also be helpful when using the gliders on thick carpet.

For more homemade equipment ideas, please refer to the link below.

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  1. Sounds like a good idea! I think I’d rather use the glider with the application of Rain-X on an older, worn-out carpet. Wouldn’t the wax rub off onto the carpet and cause discoloring/stains eventually?

  2. @Phil – That was my thought initially. I haven’t noticed any discoloring however. We use them on a carpet strip in the gym so it wouldn’t matter to me, but there hasn’t been any change thus far. I’ll see if it changes in a few weeks.

  3. It shouldn’t be a problem I am 22 year carpet cleaning vet, if it did anything it might flake off but that would just vacuum up. Don’t worry about it

  4. These look immense, I’m in the UK and been trying to get my hdans of a set for a while. Ordered ones off amazon last week, they arrived and are very little, only about 2 inches if anything – Not exactly what I thought I was buying!

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