Carry On

Below is a video from a recent (ESPN) Outside The Lines episode. After watching the video, you’ll realize why written words cannot do justice to the power and significance of the story. I will not even try.

Stories such as this really put our own daily dilemmas into perspective. It is safe to say that we can all learn from the courage and perseverance displayed by these two young men.

In the words of John Gardner,

“Self-pity is easily the most destructive of the nonpharmaceutical narcotics; it is addictive, gives momentary pleasure and separates the victim from reality.”

And from an unknown source,

“Self-pity will parch your attitudes, it will paralyze your abilities, and it will put off your achievements. It prohibits excellence and prevents expansion.”

Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton have both found excellence and continue to expand, so I’m guessing that these men agree with the quoted words above…

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  1. Wow, That was incredible. So many of us feel we face “challenges” and yet when compared to those facing real challenges ours pale in comparison. We can learn from these two and others. Thanks for the post Ross

  2. Two tremendous young men. It was great to see the pride in his face for accomplishing his goal of walking across the stage at graduation. Great job by both guys to overcome adversity and succeed in both the academic and athletic arenas.

  3. Talk about a couple of guys that could piss and moan. But , instead took charge of the situation and accomplished something. FANTASTIC!!

  4. Fitting, I think:

    Self Pity

    I never saw a wild thing
    sorry for itself.
    A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
    without ever having felt sorry for itself.

    – D.H.Lawrence

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