New Video – Compilation II

It has been a few years since I put together the original video compilation for the site. Fortunately, I’ve finally got around to creating another. It can be seen below.

The footage for this video has been collected over the past few years. These clips offer a very small sampling of how we train. I hope you can find some ideas within. Additional videos can be found at my Youtube channel.

Additional info regarding the equipment seen within this clip can be found at the link below:

Compilation Equipment Links

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  1. Ross, thanks man! Your site is an inspiration and an awesome resource. Good Job and keep it up!!! Ive found nothing like it on the net…really love the homegrown approach.

  2. (CLAPS)


    “It’s easy to live an easy life. It’s not easy to live a life of a warrior–a warrior’s life. A life of infinite intensity.” – Ross Enamait, Infinite Intensity

    Well said Ross, scratch that, well proven.

  3. Awesome! I was thinking the other day that you were due for another one of these.

    Hey Ross – do you train clients in the gym we see in these clips, or is all that gear for your own enjoyment?

  4. Can’t watch it from outside the US…

    “This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment. It is not available in your country.”

    Youtube’s algorithms are quick to recognize copyright infringements.

  5. You’re a beast, Ross. Showed this compilation to a bunch of my Korean colleagues. They were amazed, but the women said you looked fat! Keep in mind, only bone thin is acceptable over here. Keep up the fantastic work!

  6. Hi Ross,
    would it be possible to upload the video without the audio,too? Because some people outside the US can’t watch it since it contains sonic music.
    Thank you in advance!

  7. @Brian – Yes, I use this area with the fighters as well. They come here to train (we also use a larger boxing gym, but much of the pad work takes place in the area seen throughout the video).

    @fit4fight, kyoshi , Adrien, Naveen – You can watch the video on my Facebook. Here is the link:

    @Sam – I still own the rack. I move it at various times however when I need more floor space to hold mitts with the fighters.

    @Faisal – The T-handle seen within the video was featured on the blog before. Refer to this past entry for instructions:

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words.


  8. Hey Ross. I know you get compliments all day but I just want to thank you man. I can’t count how many times I’ve been motivated when visiting your website. I want to train for the rest of my life and I hope that I can reach your level of strength and fitness one day.

  9. Pretty good for a “fat” guy!

    Thanks Ross for all you do. You ARE the genuine article.

    Who needs Chuck Norris.

    Infinite Intensity Student

  10. That’s why I love your site Ross. I never know what kind of stuff you’re going to post. Awesome video. That’s some hard core training you put yourself through. If some kid were to ask me what resources he should use because he wants to get in shape, I’d send him to Ross Training first. Keep it up!!

  11. Sick video ive never seen some of those clips earlier in the vid. They werent article based were they? Those were some BEASTLY dips though!

  12. Just blown away Ross, once again you’ve out done youself. totally inspirational, its about time you came with a new compilation! lol, Cypress hill was perfect for me, gonna watch it again.

  13. Hey ross,

    i enjoy your entries, but about the half of the videos have sony music conted,which are restricted to whatch them here in germany.

    do you know how i can see them anyhow?

    thanks for motivating me, with this entries


  14. Ross, what’s the bike machine you were using? I’ve seen it before but can’t remember the name of it. How effective is it for conditioning, do you put any of your fighters on it, or is it just something you enjoy?


  15. Ross,
    In a world of pushy internet marketers, talkers, haters, and the like you represent true authenticity and integrity. Thank you, for always inspiring and being the real deal. Oh, and Cypress Hill was a nice touch, too (took me back to high school).

    Thanks again

  16. Who’s a pimp…You’s a pimp. Decline ab roll outs? Sick. Great music choice. You can’t be a rockstar without the work.

  17. hehe, funny story. A friend was telling me she was demonstrating the correct technique for push-ups to a group and then realised when she got to the bottom could not get back up. She hand only ever done girl push-ups.

    You on the other hand Ross would not have that problem.

    Great video

  18. unfortunately, the video is not available in germany, because it contained content of sony music entertainement…
    it would be great if you could solve the problem, that the video is available in germany, too.
    regards julius

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