More Heavyweight Inspiration

The video below speaks for itself. The individual seen within was featured on this blog once before (here).

“Action will remove the doubts that theory cannot solve.” – Tehyi Hsieh

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  1. DAAAmn this man is wicked powerful to be doing such exercises at his size.Ross where do you find these lol? thanks for sharing this makes me wanna get to the playground today.

  2. That is pretty incredible though the video is loading very slowly for me for some reason so I haven’t seen it all. Leaves me wondering how much he relies on weighted vests and such while training.

  3. Aahh!
    I would love to see this video. Unfortunately it’s not available in my country because it conains material from UMG. Would anyone be so kind and tell me what’s the subject matter of the video?

  4. Hope for all the really big guys out there. I am sure that he did not have to use a wight vest, he is 300lbs, he weighs enough already. This shows that massive limit strength does not preclude powerful athleticism.

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