Inspiration from Nick Vujicic

Below is a video that I came across on Facebook this morning. I reposted it on my page and encourage others to as well. It is definitely worth a look when you have a few minutes to spare. Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs but certainly has a ton of heart. His ability to remain positive is beyond inspiring. We can all learn from his example. Watching this video will certainly offer perspective on your own life. I know it did for me.

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  1. I wrote about him some weeks ago but I am still totally impressed – it’s wonderful what you can do with your attitude. Thank you for reminding me again 🙂

  2. I’ve seen Nick speak a few times in person and his attitude is incredible! If you get the chance, don’t pass it up!

  3. I am very impressed with your work ,but it seems that you are overly obssesed with people who are disable. True they are inspiring, but please cover a lot of other people who are also inspiring like poor people, surviving people. People have their own private hells you know to conquer.Don’t know, just discovered your blog. so felt like posting.
    Sorry if that hurt

  4. Well since you “just discovered” the blog (in your words), perhaps you should take some time to look around throughout the archives, as there are hundreds of entries, covering a variety of topics.


  5. And just to follow up once more…

    Much can be learned from those who have disabilities such as the man seen within this most recent entry. His situation is far worse than most of us will ever imagine. To see him go on with life is a powerful reminder for those of us who are more fortunate.

    But once again, there have been countless stories featured on this blog throughout its history.

    Best regards,
    Ross E.

  6. I thought your forum was a membership based charged by a fee or something.
    Did not realize its free. Wow. What a resource!

    Wishing you more health, happiness, and success.

  7. I can imagine it would be very easy for nick life to be ruined by fear but im glad that he is living his life to the full.

  8. What an amazing person.
    Makes all my problems seem so small and stupid.
    Thank you Nick
    and thank you Ross for posting this up.

  9. Nick is indeed very inspiring that though he had no limbs and no legs, he was able to let his message travel around the world, more than every human I know with legs that can walk. His message touched many lives more than people with hands.

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