Secrets to Success

Following a recent entry, I’ve received several follow up comments on the topic of success.  If you enjoyed the Will Smith interviews, I’m guessing that you will enjoy these videos as well.  Richard St. John has some interesting things to say about becoming successful and remaining successful.

First, he shares eight keys to success.

He then comments on success as a continuous journey.

At first glance, much of his material appears obvious. There are times though when we overlook what is obvious advice.  Although you may not learn anything new, you will certainly be reminded of several important concepts.

It is well known that not everyone in the world has the interest or ambition to become successful (ex. at school, work, sport, etc.).  If you do wish to excel however, you’ll find much of St. John’s advice to be highly relevant as you move closer towards your goals.

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  1. Great stuff, thanks for sharing. Most of us could use more passion in our lives and a better focus on what is truly important. I’m going to watch them both videos again, right now.

  2. I knew you would like them. 😛 Everybody can say something in a very complicated way, but it takes a real genius to say something really important in a really simple way.

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