The Future of Food

Following a recent entry on the movie Food Inc., a reader of the site recommended another film (The Future of Food).  I’ve finally got around to watching the entire film.  If you enjoyed Food, Inc., I’m sure you will enjoy this one as well.



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  1. I recently saw both of those movies and I think they should be essential watching for everyone. The costs of modern living are great and varied, sometimes there just isn’t enough time spent thinking about the impact. Thanks for the post Ross!

  2. Let me say this: if eating the corn kills the bug then you shouldn’t even think about putting it to your mouth.

    When you start to f*** with nature the problems will just continue to snow ball – I guarantee it. I would also guarantee that most of the corporate high flyers who run companies like Monsanto are corporate psychopaths

    Most of them function incognito in high-powered professions like the law, politics, entertainment, the church, the military, trade unions, the media and the arts.

    The world is full of them and it too late now to close the gates at the Looney bin.

  3. The fact that a judge, anywhere in the world, allowed a patent to be continued after cross pollination is terrifying. It’s just insane! Great movie though. Great lesson too. Buy local, no GMO, food!

  4. there is so much injustice in our nation and world. i am so angry about this. I don’t even know where to begin or what else to say.

  5. These type of videos are very helpful to re-convince me why I spend the extra money to buy organic food. It is such a shame that the all mighty dollar is all these companies care about, and give a sh*t less about the people who eat the food.

    I am in the military overseas, and it is very hard to find locally produced foods from a good source here in Korea. One of the many things I look forward to is the day when I can raise my own food and get to hunt for wild game once again in the States. It would also be amazing to be able to go to a store that specializes in organic foods, I honestly can say there are only about 50 items I can buy out of the whole commissary here on base.

    I hope anyone who takes the time to watch the video’s and read this will help “vote” with there choices at the checkout, lets not have our world turned to s*** by corporate fat cats!!!!

  6. Definitely a “must watch” movie, the same goes for Food Inc. Some of the information I had heard before but much of it was surprising and unsettling. Years ago I thought GMO’s were a great idea, improve yield and nutritional content but now I see that neither is the case. How can we allow anyone to patent genes that are put into the environment with no control over how they interact with the environment, plants pollinate and animals breed. Makes me want to grow my own food but I don’t live on that much land. The only local farmers markets near me have produce that I know are produced from seed from companies like Monsanto.

  7. After some leg work on the net, I have found some good sites for Organic food that are relatively cost effective: has alot of fruit and nuts that are organic, good source for bulk items… great source for “on the go” organic snacks you can make yourself instead of paying for someone else to make the trail mix!! has many organic products, it’s a good site to get an ideas for a product, but I’d recommend searching for that particular product on the web, you might be able to find it cheaper on another site.

  8. Ross,

    Have a look at the BBC documentary ‘A Farm For The Future’, you can find it on YouTube, it’s about 50 minutes long (in five parts). There are some pioneers out there that give us hope.

    Best wishes

  9. We are what we eat. There is a reason certain foods are cheap, because they are made up of crap. Eating healthy may cost more up front, but if you don’t pay now, you pay at the end.

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