Marvin Eder Interview

Below is a link to a 2007 interview with legendary strength athlete Marvin Eder. It was posted to my Facebook page earlier today, so I thought I would share it with everyone here.

An Interview With Marvin Eder

If you have never heard of Marvin Eder, take a look at some of his stats below. When someone with his ability speaks, it makes sense to listen…

  • Olympic press – 330 pounds.
  • Deep squats – 50 reps with 300 pounds.
  • Side laterals – reps with 120-pound dumbbells.
  • One-arm-chins – eight consecutively with each arm.
  • Press behind neck – 305 pounds.
  • Side press, left hand – 220 pounds (with a man sitting on his hand).
  • Parallel bar dip with 434 pounds (two men hanging from his feet!).
  • Bench press – 515 pounds.
  • Still arm pullovers – 250 pounds.
  • Wide grip chins – 80 with his bodyweight and 8 reps with 200 pounds attached.
  • Consecutive handstand push-ups on a horizontal ladder – 25

Another interesting Eder article can be found at the link below:

Marvin Eder – By Gene Mozee

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  1. Man that stuff blows my mind. I think those stats should be posted on every gym wall. Having someone do dips off your outstretched arms is CRAZY STRONG!

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