Secrets of Strength

Below is a link to Earle Liederman’s Secrets of Strength book, first published in 1925.

Secrets of Strength

Throughout the book, you’ll find interesting discussions on topics such as natural vs. acquired strength, the importance of the nervous system, the significance of the hands and wrists for strength, and more.

In Liederman’s words,

“Nearly anyone who earnestly desires to do so can make himself strong; not just ordinarily strong, but very much stronger than the average man, little or big. And to become strong, to add size and strength to your body, or in other words, to develop it – takes much less time than to cultivate the mind.”

As you read through his book, you may at times forget that Liederman was born in 1886. Many of his theories have been falsely touted as modern discoveries in today’s world of strength training. As you will see, the development of strength is everything but new. Men from yesteryear performed tremendous strength feats long before the arrival of our modern supplement industry.

As is often the case, there is plenty to be learned from those strength athletes who came before us.



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  1. Thanks a lot. I grew up on the old style of weight training. The York barbell courses, Bradley Steiner’s material. Nice to see the information is still available, because it is certainly still valid.

  2. I have a signed 1st edition copy of “THe science of wrestling and the art of jiu-jitsu”, it’s pretty cool.

    It is one of 2 books I have that I genuinely cherish.

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