Recent Equipment Updates

Below are three videos that were emailed to me last week. Each shows an example of homemade equipment.

Tire Punching Bag

Homemade Bulgarian Training Bag

Homemade Medicine Ball

Each of these videos have been added to the homemade equipment sticky within the forum.

As always, if you have more ideas, please pass them along.


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  1. The BTB is definitely worth trying to make one. I think some Gorilla Tape would be best for that. I still need to make a medicine ball. Not hard at all! Thanks for the inspiration, folks.

  2. I made this same medicine ball about a year ago, 20 pounds, and it’s still holding up. My mistake was to small of a funnel and cheaper sand…result is it took about 3 hours to fill (the funnel kept getting clogged with rocks). It’s worked great for slams and Wall Ball throws (start at a squat with the ball, explode up and throw it to touch a target 10 feet up on the wall catch, return to a squat and go again for time).

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