T-handle on Blocks

In a past entry, I provided a video demonstration of a homemade T-handle. Since posting the video, I’ve received several emails regarding clearance on the bottom of the swing. Some readers mentioned that they cannot swing as low as they’d like without the T-handle brushing the ground. After all, the 12 inch piece of pipe is longer than what you may be accustomed to when swinging a dumbbell or kettlebell.

If you’ve had a similar problem, a simple adjustment can be made by swinging atop blocks. In the image above, I’ve placed two cinder blocks side by side (two on each side). I use two blocks per each side as two offers a much more stable feel when compared to a single block. I don’t want to worry about footing when working with heavy loads.

With these blocks, I can swing heavy loads with no concern over brushing the ground. Personally, I’ve never had a problem hitting the ground, but the blocks allow you to get even lower on the bottom (if you wish), which offers unique benefits as well.

For more information regarding the T-handle (including instructions for building one), please refer to the link below:

Homemade T-handle Demonstration


  1. You can also go the opposite way and use a shorter loading pin. I made mine with an 8″ rather than a 12″ pipe. No you can’t load as much weight on it, but I use mine mainly as a sub for a 24kg kettlebell. Even then, with 25lb standard plates, I could get at least 100 – 150lbs on it. Good enough for my needs.


  2. I couldn’t fit enough 25’s on an 8 inch piece. I actually like the feel of the 12, but as long as you’ve found something that works for you, that is all that matters.


  3. I took a “D” handle, a carabiner clip and a link of chain to make an implement for swings. The plates don’t stack you line them up next to each other. The height off the floor is always the same and you adjust the chain to the thickness of the plates you have. I can use one hand or two on the handle. Another nice feature is being able to do one-arm presses with it. But, don’t try to snatch it…ouch!

    I have a couple of pics, but couldn’t find where to post them.

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