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Earlier this week, a member of the forum mentioned how he had recently competed in the Tough Guy.  At first glance, I thought he was referring to a Tough Man fight.  I had no idea he was talking about a race.  After reading a few links however, I now realize it is a huge event in the United Kingdom.

Below is some footage from the 2007 race.

A related story can be seen at the link below:

Death Race 2007

I’m sure many readers here will appreciate the obvious challenge that this race presents.  It looks like a great time.  I am adding this race to my list of things to do this lifetime.

If you’ve participated in the event, let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I have also committed to doing this next year. Gives me a good goal to aim for after my metatarsal heals. Also want to do the winter one as its supposedly harder than the summer one (for obvious reasons). Im pretty sure judging by the thread going the other day that we can raise a UK Ross Training team, but why not extend the offer to everyone worldwide. And of course if Ross can do that date it will add an extra bit of spice.

    London Lion

  2. Yeah i was up for doing it this year but left it too late and the entry price went up. Make sure you get your entries in early! x

  3. Toughguy – one of the toughest if not THE toughest fitness/endurance/character tests i’ve every been through in my 36 years on this planet, did it twice, 2004 and 2005. Dont do the Summer one – too easy, go for the Behemoth, Winter Toughuy! No other event like it in the world. Everyone should try it once! It’ll take you to your absolute limits of toughness both physically and mentally, breaking you into tiny pieces, but the satisfaction of beating the course will raise your spirit to new heights and put you back together again! Thanks for letting everyone know about this extraordinary event Ross – now its down to you to try! DO IT!!

    P.S Dont leave it too long guys as the Health and Safety officers hell bent on spoiling our hardcore fun are tightening up the regulations and some say its getting safer i.e less tough each year! 🙂

  4. I hope to do this soon. Looks the nuts! I heard that the summer one might be easier in that you don’t have to suffer the cold water; but, you do have to do the course twice to make up for it!

    Ross, let us know when you decide to enter. We could put together a rosstraining team!

  5. Nice one for spreading the Tough Guy word Ross!

    I did the summer event last year. True, it’s not as tough as the winter one. However, you have to do the assault course twice, and last year it was about 30 degrees c!

  6. This race looks fun! I am definately putting this on my wish list for next year. What I particularly like is the comradely attitudes of the participants, helping out others who are bogged down in the yuck, etc. 8 miles may not seem like much, I’m aiming for the summer one, but 8 miles through those obstacles is hell. Seems as much as test of endurance and mental fortitude, just the kind of race I’d like to do.

  7. Hey Ross !!! It’s your Boy Chuck !!!

    Man this looks really interesting man. I would love to give this a shot one day it would be an awesome expierience. About what time of year does this come around does anyone know? Cause i’m going to the UK in June .

  8. I live in england,and am really thinking about doing this,maybe for charity to make sure i complete the thing,it looks like a good test,the rosstraining team sounds like a good idea aswell because i dont know anybody who would be up for this and if there is a rosstraining team put together theres no way im not doing it,lets av it.

  9. Maybe we should start a thread so that people can submit some ideas on how to prepare for this,it looks like a sport specific approach might be a good idea.

  10. We did the winter race last year a group of us from Iceland. LOVED IT!!! Especially the part where you get zapped with the electric fence…. 😉 This is a great race and a good challenge for anyone. I personally thought is was a littlebit short.. only about an hour and a half from start to finish, but well wort the trip from Iceland. If anyone is planing on going I recommend you try and get as close to the front squad as you can or you will spend more time waiting in line to get over the hurdles than you will be actually racing.

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